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Healthy Eating Active Living


Healthy Eating Active Living

Healthy Eating Active Living focuses on assisting our neighbors to live the most extended, healthiest life possible. VOHM’s goal is for all residents of East Toledo to have access to healthy, affordable food, and safe places to play and be active. The objectives of the Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) initiative are to 1) increase fruit & vegetable consumption and improve portion control; 2) increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behavior; 3) create an environment that promotes healthy eating and active living without bias against obesity; and 4) achieve long-term health sustainability for the residents of East Toledo. “We are committed to helping East Toledo…become a healthier, more vital community.”

To achieve significant success in increasing healthy eating and active living in East Toledo, the model of Collective Impact with VOHM as the catalyst organization.  Regardless of weight, a high-quality diet can combat many chronic diseases. Active living involves two important and distinct components: being physically active and minimizing idle time. The HEAL initiative emphasizes program interventions that positively impact our community are sustainable and have measurable results.

East Toledo faces several issues in this area. First, low-income residents have minimal access to fresh, affordable and healthy food. Second, these residents also have lower levels of physical activity and less access to green space than middle-to-high-income residents. Inequitable access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities contributes to disparities in health behaviors and health outcomes.

With our Approach, We can begin to leverage the growing momentum of healthy eating and active living initiatives. In partnership with other funders, we will develop strategies to drive policy and systems change in healthy eating and active living. We will focus on building the capacity of VOHM and other community organizations to drive policy and systems change in East Toledo, as well as building the ability of resident leaders and advocates to lead healthy eating and active living efforts effectively.  This initiative will focus on improving nutrition and physical activity.